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Linux-Plugin: checks the status of Adaptec Raid Controllers (can also be used for ICP- or PMC-Vortex Controller)

Description is a linux plugin for Nagios which checks the status of Adaptec Raid Controllers (can also be used for ICP- or PMC-Vortex Controller).
The plugin determines the status of Raidsets, RAID controllers and of individual disks (S.M.A.R.T), while all stripe types are supported.


The Adaptec Commandline tool is installed (


Usually you open the script with the path to CLI:

# path=<path_to_adaptec_cli>

For debugging purposes, it may also be called with a more detailed output option (this mode is not suitable for continuous operation, but for testing purposes only). Afterwards it will output the detailed status of the individual components:

OMD[le]:~$ local/lib/nagios/plugins/ debug


Preferably the plugin is copied into the script directory where you will store your checks under Windows

When using NSClient ++ use an entry in NSC.INI similar to this, pointing to Adaptec Commandline Tool:


Check ICP-Controller, if everything is all right:
OMD[le]:~$ local/lib/nagios/plugins/  

Broken Disk was changed: OMD[le]:~$ local/lib/nagios/plugins/  

Disturbance of the Raid smart composites after failing hard disk 1 and afterwards same failure: OMD[le]:~$ local/lib/nagios/plugins/


1.41 – more features (new controllers)

1.4 – more features (dedicated Hot-Spare and JBOD Support)

1.3 – several bugfixes, support for series 7 & 8 Controllers

1.2 – more features (newer controllers)

1.1 – more features (newer controllers)

1.0 – First public version

Copyright is licensed under the GNU General Public License.


Joachim Luft will answer your questions to this plugin and is happy about your donation.


Freeware name

  • System: Nagios Plugins und Addons
  • Date: 23.July 2016
  • Author: Joachim Luft
  • Version: 1.41

Category: Monitoring/Nagios-Plugins

Tags: Linux-Plugin