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Windows-Plugin: checks the status of the replications in Microsoft Active Directory


check_windows_repadmin is a Windows plugin for Nagios which checks the status of the replications in Microsoft Active Directory. The plugin detects the status of all the replication partners and consists of two parts: the check itself and a task, which has to be started every 5 – 60 minutes for writing log data. This task (task_windows_repadmin.exe) can be arranged through the Windows internal task scheduler for an execution every n minutes. The log file generated by the task will be analysed by the check.




First of all you need to set up the task for writing the log file. For this purpose we preferably use the windows onboard taskscheduler and generate a task which will be called every n minutes.
The minimum value is 5 minutes and the maximum is 60 minutes. The task task_windows_repadmin.exe will write in default mode a log file to C:\Temp and uses the name “repadmin.log” for it. Using the parameter tempfile you can overwrite it: task_windows_repadmin.exe tempfile= C:\Protocols\My_Protocol.log After set-up the tasks you need to check if log is written in the given directory. Now you can start the check plugin which normally is called without any more details:

C:> check_windows_repadmin.exe

For debugging purposes, it may also be called with a more detailed output option (this mode is not suitable for continuous operation, but for testing purposes only). Afterwards it will output the detailed status of the individual components:

C:> check_windows_repadmin.exe debug

C:\scripts> check_windows_repadmin.exe debug
Timeout: 15
Tempfile: C:\Temp\repadmin.log
Startzeit der Replikationszusammenfassung: 2014-09-07 18:13:09
Datensammlung für Replikationszusammenfassung wird gestartet.
Dieser Vorgang kann einige Zeit dauern.
Quell-DSA         Größtes Delta   Fehler/gesamt %% Fehler

LE-DOM-01               21m:26s   0 /   5   0
LE-DOM-02               22m:55s   0 /   5   0

Ziel-DSA           Größtes Delta   Fehler/gesamt %% Fehler
LE-DOM-02               22m:55s   0 /   5   0
LE-DOM-01               21m:26s   0 /   5   0

REPADMIN OK: Source DSA: LE-DOM-01 Errors: 0, LE-DOM-02 Errors: 0 - Destination DSA: LE-DOM-01 Errors: 0, LE-DOM-02 Errors: 0 | Src-LE-DOM-01-Err=0 Src-LE-DOM-02-Err=0 Dst-LE-DOM-01-Err=0 Dst-LE-DOM-02-Err=0


Preferably the plugin is copied into the script directory where you will store your checks under Windows

When using NSClient ++ an entry in NSC.INI similar to this is generated and pointed to check_windows_repadmin:


allow arguments=true  

[/settings/external scripts/scripts] 


Check the replications by using another log file: check_windows_repadmin=c:\nsclient++\scripts\check_windows_repadmin.exe tempfile=“c:\protocols\repadmin.log“ Check the replications by using another log file and determine a refreshment for the replication information every half an hour. check_windows_repadmin=c:\nsclient++\scripts\check_windows_repadmin.exe tempfile=“c:\protocols\repadmin.log“ outdated=30


1.0 – First public version


check_windows_repadmin is licensed under GNU General Public License.


Joachim Luft will answer your question to this plugin and is happy about your donation.


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  • System: Nagios Plugins und Addons
  • Date: 29.November 2018
  • Author: Joachim Luft
  • Version: 1.1

Category: Monitoring/Nagios-Plugins

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